Preparation of studies

The studies prepared are useful when applying to investors and project sponsors (banks) and in decision making, related to RE materialization and usage.

Inreal knows and is able to indicate relevant aspects of every project by cooperation with Lithuanian and international investors. By using the experience and skills gained, and by applying international standards Inreal organizes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment projects
  • Information memorandums

Feasibility studies are detailed technical, financial, economic and institutional analyses of alternatives of projects expected, during which new idea-opportunity model is created on the basis of many years of experience and know-how of qualified personnel. Feasibility study justifies the selection of optimal (the best) implementation of a project.

Investment project
is a detailed project plan, where all project development aspects are analysed, and its implementation stages, under which it is possible to rationally organize implementation of a project, are estimated.

Information memorandum – is FAQ-answers to all questions related to a project, which arise to potential investors and developers.

Tomas Sovijus Kvainickas
Chief Investments and Analytics Officer
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