Market analysis

Monitoring of all RE segments, data collection and processing in order to identify existing market niches and the most successful projects in demand, according which best practice is being formed. After a detailed market analysis, we can provide clients with information about any RE project which could be developed successfully, inform clients about direct competitors (existing and future) that they would face and what pricing policy would be most likely in the new project.

Clients’ feedback:

As ordered by DNB, Inreal conducted the analysis of land plots in Vilnius and Klaipeda as well as their regions – the result is of superior quality and perfectly meets our expectations

Audronė Monkevičiūtė-Odnopol, Specialist of Support Division

Credit Management Department, Property Appraiser, AB DNB bankas.

Tomas Sovijus Kvainickas
Chief Investments and Analytics Officer
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