Inreal team of valuators offers a professional, precise, confidential and fast property and business valuation services. Our valuation reports are acknowledged by Lithuanian banks and financial institutions.

A precise wealth value valuation needs a deep knowledge of current market based on experience, newest research and analytical capabilities.

Professional valuators of our company will offer you all of it by supplying a clear, independent, objective property valuation report.

We may supply the reports in different sizes and complexity, depending on the individual needs of a client. Property valuation report is an official document, which is required by the banks giving out loans, notaries, courts, tax inspectorate in case of property taxation and so on.

Knowledge on the property value at disposal allows evaluating the possibilities, making optimal personal and business decisions (to purchase or sell the wealth or business, how to use it, weather to invest in it).

Inreal offers professional property and business valuation services (Certificate number 000049).

Object Prices of valuation report
(VAT included), Eur*
Valuation terms(days)**
Flats (standart) From 120 € 2-3
Flats (non-standart) From 140 € 3-4
Individual houses From 180 € 3-4
Commercial, administrative premises under 100 sq.m.* From 250 € 2-4
Commercial, administrative premises 100-300 sq.m.* From 280 € 3-5
Commercial, administrative premises over 300 sq.m.* From 300 € 4-6
Industrial, storage premises under 500 sq.m.* From 300 € 3-6
Industrial, storage premises over 500 sq.m.* From 400 € 4-8
Industrial complexes From 600 € 6-10
Land plots:
Land plots From 150 € 3-4
Moveable property:

Moveable property
From 1 to 10 units

From 35 € for unit 2-10
Moveable property
Over 10 units
From 25 € for unit 2-10

Machine or device
(moveable property)

From 90 € 2-4
Technological line From 300 € 2-6
Motor vehicle 100 € for unit 1-2
Business valuation:
From 1490 € From 10

- Exact prices of commercial, industrial real estate, moveable property, buisiness valuation are set after the inspection of property.
- If there is a need, we can arrange valuation report quicker (in that case prices are higher).
- Additional travel expences are calculated if property is outside the limits of city.

* Price is affected by the geographical location of the property being valued
** In case of extremely large amount of work, the terms of service may be longer

Required documents for the valuation

Flat valuation:

  • Cadastral measurements file
  • VĮ „Registrų centras“ certificate

Residential house, cottage, homestead valuation:

  • Cadastral measurements file
  • Land plot plan
  • VĮ „Registrų centras“ certificate

Land plot valuation:

  • Land plot plan
  • VĮ „Registrų centras“ certificate

Commercial property valuation:

  • Cadastral measurements file
  • VĮ „Registrų centras“ certificate
  • Land plot plan
  • Lease contracts

Unfinished construction house valuation:

  • Permission for construction
  • Project documentation
  • Cadastral measurements file
  • VĮ „Registrų centras“ certificates
  • Land plot plan
  • Certificate about unfinished construction
  • Lease contracts

About the required documents for other property valuation please contact us.

There is normaly required copies of all the documents.

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