Business Valuation

JSC Inreal provides business or share valuation services, as well as consultations on the conclusion of business transfer transactions. Our company has the right to engage in property and business valuation activities (certificate No. 000049).

Business in the market is perceived as a market and investment object associated with the expectation to generate income in the future, thus it is particularly important to make timely and reasoned decisions. JSC Inreal business valuation services enable to provide professional and independent opinion about the value of your business or its part, which will help you plan the future activities of your company by seeing the risks when trying to achieve higher investment return (profit). JSC Inreal offers the following services:

  • Valuation of shares and shareholdings;
  • Valuation of securities;
  • Brand valuation;
  • Valuation of non-monetary contributions when increasing the share capital;
  • Valuation of separate business components.

Business is usually valuated in the following cases: changing property owner (i.e. property is transferred, exchanged, presented, or inherited), property taxation, declaration, mortgage, upon request of property owner or a customer of property valuation.

Tomas Brazionis
Head of the Property valuation division. Vilnius office
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