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Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and to close real estate deals in a lawful, orderly manner. Inreal team uses its many years of personal experience and databases where information is collected and stored since 1994.

Inreal, UAB is certified ISO 9001:2015/LST EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015/LST EN ISO 14001:2015.

Contact us, tell us about your individual needs and Inreal brokers will organize the sale, rent or purchase of real estate that you need.

Professional brokerage services provided by the Inreal team cover all real estate segments: housing, offices, hotels, storage areas, agriculture, recreation, commercial and industrial real estate.

Inreal brokers will be with you in every process related to real estate, will perform object inspections, negotiate, draft all the documents that are necessary, and consult on legal matters.

We have 12 agencies in Lithuania.

Our RE brokers manage large amounts of market information, have many years of experience and the support of colleagues-experts working in other RE areas enabling them to help you achieve maximally effective results by providing the following services:

  • Organization of sales;
  • Preparation of RE leasing concept and the search for new customers;
  • Customer representation and consulting;
  • Fast search for real estate objects according to customer needs;
  • Representation of customer’s interests when making real estate transactions;
  • Organization of real estate sale auctions;
  • Formation of a real estate portfolio;
  • RE solutions for special purpose objects (hotels, restaurants, gas station, server facilities).


Inreal team consists of employees with many years of experience in the real estate (RE) sector, who have participated in many negotiations, contract conclusions and other successful processes related to RE. With our assistance, you will achieve the maximum result with minimal time consumption.

We provide the following services by using our experience and by applying our skills:

  • Negotiations;
  • Representation of customer’s interests in RE transactions and in any other cases related to RE.


Inreal professionals represent tenants in all commercial real estate sectors.

We know leasable areas and new objects developed in the market, the specifics of every object and owner, lease conditions proposed, and market trends. By focusing on the needs of tenants, we offer solutions and coordinate lease contracts under conditions that are favourable to our customers. With our assistance, you will achieve the maximum result within the minimal amount of time.

Upon the request of the customer, we promptly represent our customers and their interests in all processes related to premises for rent.

We offer the following services for tenants:

  • Lease market analysis and determination of trends
  • Selection of location
  • Network development
  • Coordination of resettlement
  • Sublease
  • Negotiations and coordination of conditions
  • Coordination of lease / representation of tenant‘s interests against the lessor
  • Legal consultations


We organize auctions for non-standard objects, when trying to achieve the maximum price in the market, by materializing assets for liquidation purposes or upon the authorization of institutions to implement the functions of organiser.
We provide auction services to:

  • Banks
  • Organizers of bankruptcy
  • State institutions
  • Other legal entities

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