2019H1 Lithuania Economy and Real Estate Market Report


The real estate (RE) market of Lithuania was very active during the first half of 2019, when sales in the primary market grew by 60-70 percent in Lithuanian cities. The real estate that is offered for sale here today can be sold within 11-18 months, which is 30 percent quicker (on average) than was predicted at the beginning of the year. A favourable economic environment, combined with the growing income of companies in the service sector and the active development of international and local companies has maintained a peak activity level and the liquidity of business centres, as well as a high demand for modern offices. The need for storage premises has also remained high because, irrespective of the newly-opened buildings, the vacancy levels in logistics centres are still low and the rent prices have remained stable throughout the country.

Lithuania Economy and Real Estate Market Report. 2019H1

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