Miško vėtrungės

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Vėtrungių str. 358, Neringa

22th August 2023 INREAL group has completed the reconstruction and conversion project “Miško vėtrungės” in Nida, Vėtrungių str. 358 (until 2022 December 22 the address was Purvynės str. 81, Neringa). Former warehouses were reconstructed into two leisure dwellings on the plot of land of 18.81 Ares. The total designed area is 956 sq. m.

Both “Miško vėtrungės” buildings are two-story dwellings with mansards. 9 apartments are designed therein. In total, the project contains 18 two/four room leisure dwellings and 1 administrative premises. The project of “Miško vėtrungės” was created by “G.A.L. Architektai”, with whom “Inreal” group is connected by a long-term cooperation. The architecture of buildings is similar to previous style of “vėtrungės serija” that matches both the nature of the Curonian spit, the historical tradition, the architectural/ethnographic originality, and with innovative and modern solutions necessary for a modern human being. The project has a border with a forest, large windows open into the images of the Curonian spit. Each leisure dwelling has an individual balcony or a terrace with a yard. Natural materials were used for the construction and internal finishing: wood, plaster, tiles and long-duration solutions. The tops of the buildings are decorated with traditional Curonian decorative elements lėkiai. Space for bikes and cars, as well as auxiliary premises are envisaged in the project.

Ieva Šikšnytė-Brazienė
Head of Sales and Brokerage department
Lina Vaitkutė-Bačkovė
Head of Sales Projects
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