Gulbinų sklypai

Land plots near Verkiai Park
Pelėdų Str. 26, Didžioji Riešė Village, Vilnius District

Birds fly up to the sky from Lake Gulbinai. The views of the surrounding areas of Vilnius open up to their sight. On the Eastern side they would see Verkiai Regional Park, Mound Island sitting in the middle of the Lake, on the Northern side there is the ancient Kalinas Settlement hugged by Rivulet Riešė, on the Southern side they would see Didieji Gulbinai and Mažieji Gulbinai full of new settlers joining Vilnius, while on the Western side they would be met by Molėtai Highway and Riešė. And right here, beneath a bird’s wing, one would find Gulbinai land plots: a new space for living, home, and family. Right outside the City, surrounded by nature, forest, fresh air, and lakes.

Price from €16 000!

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