Educational centre for children in Pavilniai

art studio
A. Kojelavičiaus str. 1, VIlnius

The reconstructed A+ Energy Class 1,420 sq. m building stands on the territory of 'Multiflora' (a plant centre and field floriculture testing station) that spans an area of more than 7 hectares within Pavilniai Regional Park. It is earmarked to house a children’s educational centre and the Diemedis art studio.

‘The idea to integrate a children’s educational establishment into the Plant Centre stemmed from conversations about the young generation and how it is growing further apart from nature. This idea organically fit into the development strategy of INREAL Group, which is to design special projects in unique locations,’ said Gediminas Pruskus, CEO of INREAL Group.

In the competition “For Sustainable Development 2019”, the project was recognized as the winner in the category of public projects.

Considering the location of the lot in the regional park and the nearby Ancučiai and Pūčkoriai landscape reservations, a plan to reconstruct the building in the semblance of a ‘homestead’ was chosen. Single-storied, squat and elongated structures with spanning roofs have been tailored to the surroundings and joined together to form courtyards, which is an inherent attribute of the ethnic homestead. Decorations on the canopy of the building reveal detailed beauty and a balance between things that are small and large. The total investment in the reconstruction was EUR 1.9 million.

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