Andrius Anusauskas became the Head of the INREAL group


Andrius Anusauskas, who until now worked as the Finance Director, is currently the Director of “Inreal” and “Inreal valdymas” and the Head of the INREAL group. A. Anusauskas has been working for the companies belonging to “Invalda privatus kapitalas” since 2004, with some minor exceptions.

“We think that the best managers are raised by the companies themselves. Andrius has a long term-experience in various businesses of the group, while his sharp mind, perspective thinking, loyalty and the ability to create and maintain ethical relationships will definitely allow him to smoothly continue the activities of the INREAL group, to implement the remaining work and to develop new plans,” says Dalius Kaziūnas, the Director of “Invalda privatus kapitalas” AB.

“We intend to continue the existing and planned projects and activities, to strengthen the image of the INREAL brand and the sustainable business culture represented by it. Our uniqueness lies in a wide spectrum of real estate activities, a professional, creative and independent team, which always takes responsibility for its decisions, is able to sense the newest trends and flexibly react to market changes. We always strive to become the first choice of our customers,” states Andrius Anusauskas, the Head of the INREAL group.

The consolidated income of the INREAL group in 2021 amounted to 17 million euros, i.e. 14 percent more than in 2020 (14.9 million euros). The earned net profit amounted to 4.4 million euros – 3 percent more than a year ago (4.3 million euros). The companies of the INREAL group are currently developing two real estate projects in Nida (“Marių vėtrungės” and “Miško vėtrungės”), managing “Žalgirio 94” and “BH92 Business Home” business centres in Vilnius and providing business centres management services. “Inreal” also performs different evaluations, market analysis, mediates and provides consultations. “Inreal GEO” carries out cadastral measurements. The group also owns the complex “Smiltynės Jachtklubas” in the Curonian Spit.

About INREAL group

INREAL is a brand of an idea, which gives spark to unique projects, basis for professional services, and added value to businesses, clients, and partners. INREAL positions creativity as a core value in the dynamic business world. INREAL Group, which consists of UAB "Inreal", UAB "Inreal GEO" , UAB "Inreal valdymas" and its managed companies, develops unique real estate (RE) projects and provides probably the widest range of real estate services in 11 cities in Lithuania. The company has engaged in business operations for more than 25 years and implemented more than 70 real estate projects of various purposes, which received recognition and awards at contests not only in Lithuania but on an international scale as well.

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