This week 200 new nesting-boxes will be raised in Vilnius


This March on 22-23, two of the biggest real estate companies in Lithuania, "InReal" and "inRED" are organizing a nesting-box-raising event. The purpose is to show that birds should also have homes.

The real estate companies have invited the contribution of local authorities, web site and ornithologists.


"This event is an attempt to draw the society's attention to nature and its protection. As we are one of the leaders in real estate, our mission is to take care of those who need homes. We are proud that some schools and schoolchildren took an active part. We hope that this initiative continues into the next year ", says Tomas Bučas, Director of "inRED" and Head of Invalda's real-estate division.

112 classes from 20 secondary schools have announced their participation in the event. About 200 new nesting-boxes, donated by "InReal" and "inRED", as well as made by schoolchildren, are planned to be raised.


According to the data provided by ornithologists, nesting-boxes are mainly needed by titmice, starlings, redstarts and others small birds. So, 50 nesting-boxes will be raised for starlings and 80 for titmice. The nesting-boxes are mostly needed in groves and parks in Vilnius, as well as in farmsteads and settlements around the city.


Birds hatch more than once. That is why nesting-boxes should serve for a long time. All nesting-boxes are made following ornithologists' advice.


The whole event will be photographed and all photos will be placed on The most beautiful nest -box competition will be held on the web site, where visitors will be able to vote. The winners will be awarded.


About the companies


InReal is one of the largest real estate companies in Lithuania. It helps to buy, sell and rent real estate, provides property valuation services.


inRED is one of the leading companies in the Lithuanian real estate market. The company's key activities include real estate development and management, and participation in financing and administration of real estate investment projects.


InReal and inRED have their headquarters in Vilnius. There are also offices in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Riga (Latvia) and Kiev (Ukraine). 


For more information contact:


Inga Smirnovienė, InReal Head of Marketing and Communications

Phone: (8 5) 275 3856, (8 614) 53 880.


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