New apartments 2015: let figures speak for themselves

  • Within 2014, 4,080 new apartments were sold in Lithuania – 28 percent more than in 2013. Respectively, there was 117 percent growth of sales in Palanga city. 
  • During 2014, 6,230 new apartments were offered to Lithuanian market – 91 percent more than in 2013. Number of new apartments offered in Vilnius and Palanga has more than doubled. 
  • Unsold housing fund in the country increased up to 6,360 apartments at the end of 2014 – 45 percent more in total and 67 percent more in Vilnius. 
  • Prices of new apartments grew approx. 4-7 percent in main Lithuanian cities. Meanwhile, in Palanga they jumped by almost 15 percent. 
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