Metalo11. Industrial and warehouse premises

in Vilnius
Metalo str. 11, Vilnius
The area is in a particularly convenient location - close to the Vilnius International Airport, Metalo and Geologų streets. Convenient access through bypasses to - both the city of Vilnius and the rest of Lithuania. Strategically good place for employees and customers. A well-developed infrastructure, efficient transportation - public and private transport will save staff time doing the operational tasks and to meet their individual needs. Metalo street 11 is in the city of Vilnius in fenced protected area.
There is a two-building complex, which consists of:
1 The four-storey 2057.57 sq. m renovated administrative building. Good space planning will ensure comfortable conditions for the workers. Ventilation and security systems are installed in the building . Building has a large parking area. Heating is electric.
2 Industrial premises, single-storey, which can also be adapted for storage. Ceiling height - 7.8 meters. The building has electricity, sewer, water, electrical heating. Total area - 5530.69 sq. m Productive areas of the building consists of areas from 500 sq. m up to 1400 sq. m. Building has ventilation and security systems. Very good access with various types of cars.
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