Income of Inreal group in 2011 – 36.4 million litas, profit prior to taxation – 1.65 million litas

“In 2011, companies merged into a group, under a single Inreal trade mark, and that has led to the restructuring of activity not only inside the companies, but in the entire group”, - said Gediminas Pruskus, the director of Inreal and Inreal Management. According to him, the increase of activity efficiency is necessary for profitable activity in a still complicated real estate market. “Upon the arrangement of organizational processes, we are ready for this year, which as well as the last year, are going to be changeable”, - said G. Pruskus.

“Development and new acquisitions had the major influence on the increase of turnover”, - said Rolandas Rutėnas, the director of Inreal Building Maintenance. According to him, the area of supervised buildings reached 1 million sq. m. in 2011, and the number of administered apartment houses increased to 450. Improving the quality of services Inreal Building Maintenance installed or updated the standards of quality control, environment management system and staff safety and health management system. “This year we will continue internal processes of integration of companies and search for opportunities for further development”, - said R. Rutėnas.

Inreal group1, which consists of JSC Inreal valdymas (Inreal Management), JSC Inreal, JSC Inreal pastatų priežiūra (Inreal Building Maintenance) (related to companies, administering apartment houses) and JSC Inreal GEO, provides the widest spectrum of services in Lithuania, related to real estate and building maintenance services. Companies of Inreal group belong to SCInvalda. 224 employees are currently working in Inreal group, the value of managed assets – about 400 million LTL, mediations in lease or sale of 550 thousand sq. m. of commercial premises and 1150 apartments, the value of asset, evaluated per year, is reaching 2 milliard Litas, and the area, administered by companies of building maintenance sector - 1 million sq. m. Company offices or representations are operating in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Mažeikiai, Alytus, and Plungė.

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1 Note: Invalda group real estate companies – the property owners (Invalda Real Estate Fund, etc.) – do not belong to Inreal group.
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