In three years, large residential RE projects have increased the prices of new construction apartments in Vilnius

September 22, 2015. Since 2012, the average price of one square metre in a newly built apartments has increased by 9.4 percent in Vilnius; however, the analysis of separate urban districts showed a significant difference – from -9.7 to +18.6 percent since 2012. The highest increase in prices was observed in the major housing projects, developed by reliable real estate (RE) companies in the most popular urban districts of Vilnius. 

The price of one square metre in the major housing projects, i.e. “Antakalnis Terraces” in Antakalnis, “Ozo Park” in Baltupiai, “Oslo Houses” and “Naujamiestis Houses” in Naujamiestis, “Vilmesta Quarter” and “Bajorai Hills” in Visoriai, has increased by 14-18 percent, at an average. Whereas the projects cover the major share of the market and partially has become the market makers, therefore we may consider it as the basic cause for a noticeable increase in average prices of new construction apartments in Vilnius”, – stated Arnoldas Antanavičius, Head of Investment and analysis of “Inreal”. 

The increase in the price of one square metre in new construction housing in Vilnius was resulted by changes in the supply structure, when smaller apartments were offered more often in order to achieve better liquidity during last few years. In 2012, the average area of an apartment was approx. 64 sq.m., and the price was about 96,300 Euro. In 2015, the average area of an apartment “shrank” to 55 sq.m., and the price decreased to 90,700 Euro.
Nevertheless, a new reverse trend is currently observed – more spacious, 3 or 4-room apartments are becoming more popular in the market, therefore, the developers will likely respond to it, what will result in changes in the structure of supply and increase in the total price of average housing.


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