On 28 August 2023, the new kart track will be opened within the premises managed by the INREAL Group. This site is situated at Savanorių av. 178B, Vilnius. Transformed from the former furniture panel processing workshop of Vilniaus Baldai, the area has been ingeniously repurposed into the Kartlandas amusement park, encompassing an expansive total area of nearly 5,800 square meters.

“Revitalising a 7-hectare territory is undoubtedly a formidable task, yet we hold a vision that in the long term, this place could stand as an exemplary model of the conversion of Vilnius industrial areas - embracing connectivity with the city, business, and vibrant life. The inclusion of a tenant like Kartlandas draws in like-minded individuals, propelling advancement. A growing number of new businesses are aligning with this emerging core, fostering a growing and resilient community, ultimately reshaping the very face of this site”, remarks Vadim Davliaševič, Head of the Renting Department at Inreal valdymas. Currently, a remarkable 80 percent of the former structures belonging to Vilniaus baldai have already been successfully leased, accounting for a substantial 31,960 square meters.

“We’ve successfully introduced and brought to life five Kartlandas facilities already, and the culmination of our experience is now embodied in Kartlandas Max. There are not many places and buildings in Vilnius where it is technically possible to establish a kart track. A large area with natural lighting is required, as this space is intended for people’s amusement rather than just a storage facility. Additionally, convenient transportation infrastructure and visibility are essential considerations. It just so happened that one of our leases was ending at the same time, so we decided to move to premises nearly three times more spacious. The site on Savanorių av. met our criteria perfectly, making it a 9 out of 10 fit“, says Mantas Krivickas, Head of Kartlandas.

During the process of adapting the premises for various activities, a new track surface for the go-karts has been installed. Furthermore, a welcoming guest room has been established, designed to host event banquets or meetings, and to provide a comfortable space for parents accompanying their children. “In this particular kart track, we’re introducing five distinct categories of go-karts, tailored for diverse age and skill groups, ranging from three-year-olds to even grandparents who might not be drivers themselves but can enjoy the experience as passengers. The youngest will even have a track dedicated to them”, affirms M. Krivickas. According to him, true success in this business is measured by the ability to offer entertainment to a broad and varied spectrum of individuals.

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INREAL is a brand of an idea, which gives spark to unique projects, basis for professional services, and added value to businesses, clients, and partners. INREAL positions creativity as a core value in the dynamic business world. INREAL Group, which consists of UAB "Inreal", UAB "Inreal GEO" , UAB "Inreal valdymas" and its managed companies, develops unique real estate (RE) projects and provides probably the widest range of real estate services in 11 cities in Lithuania. The company has engaged in business operations for more than 25 years and implemented more than 70 real estate projects of various purposes, which received recognition and awards at contests not only in Lithuania but on an international scale as well.

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