The INREAL group finished the II stage of the development of the building for the kindergarten-school in Pavilnys


10 March 2022, Vilnius. The INREAL group finished the II stage of the reconstruction of the administrative building in Pavilnys Regional Park, at A. Kojelavičiaus g. 1, near the kindergarten (Children Educational Center), which was developed in 2019. After the reconstruction, “Diemedis” school for grades 5-8 was established in the new A+ energy class premises of 1210 sq. m. Investments for the reconstruction amounted to 1.7 million euros. The project was financed by “Šiaulių bankas” AB.

“While continuing the development of this project, the focus remained on the needs of children and we intended to convey such needs in our architectural solutions. One of the most interesting solutions is the hall-amphitheatre over two floors with an open staircase. Various celebrations, gatherings, meetings with parents are held in this place, which is enjoyed by the entire community of “Diemedis”. The glass wall of the amphitheatre is an extremely significant element which connects the yard and the interior spaces. During the implementation of the project a lot of attention is paid to the environment and the nature, we want it to be visible and felt from the inside of the building as well,” says Gediminas Pruskus, the Head of the INREAL group. According to him, there are some future plans for further development of the school (creating gymnasium classrooms).

The project is developed on the territory of the Plant Centre “Multiflora” (Field Floriculture Testing Station). A 100 m running track and a 1000 sq. m sports and event field are located next to the school. The architect of the project is Marius Morkūnas (“Kūnas” MB).

“The infrastructure necessary for the general education school was created during this stage of development. Now the students of “Diemedis” school have a great gym, an integrated technology and natural science classroom, a large yard for recreational and educational activities as well as a universal sports field. We are happy with new architectural solutions which are perfect for a modern school and allow students to work individually or in groups. These solutions also help teachers to easily organize the learning process inside and outside the classrooms,” states Virgilijus Pupeikis, the Principal of “Diemedis” school.

The school is equipped with geothermal heating and cooling (depending on the season). The high-efficiency ventilation system with recuperation creates a comfortable indoor microclimate. Large windows expand the indoor spaces with natural views. Only high-quality, energy-saving materials, which ensure the highest environmental requirements, were used for the construction of the building.

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