Multifunctional complex

in Vilnius
Žalgirio str. 106A, Vilnius

Žalgirio str. 106A, Vilnius is an office, industrial and warehousing territory. Main advantages of the complex are paved surroundings, fenced perimeter, guarded. The complex consists of three buildings that individually resolves to:

  • 1. Two-story office building of 776 sq. m.
  • 2. Industrial, warehousing space over two floors, of 671 sq. m.
  • 3. Two-story office building 469 sq m.
  • 4. Warehousing separate building 323 sq. m. Ceiling height of 6.3 m.
  • The complex includes unheated garages, 74 sq.m. together.

The Building is located in the convenient location - the northern part of Vilnius, about 2 kilometers from Vilnius center, near Žalgirio str. and one of the main Geležinio Vilko str. Only 1 kilometer distance from Vilnius city municipality, the most important state institutions and the City center. Quick access through the main streets to the northern and the southern parts of the city is guaranteed.

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