One of the largest Lietuvos Energija buildings will be sold at an auction


Office complexes and buildings belonging to NT Valdos company of Lietuvos Energija Group will be offered at a real estate auction on February 28 for 30 million euros, including VAT. The most expensive Lietuvos Energija objects, as well as smaller buildings located in other cities and regions will be sold during this auction.

The most expensive objects of the upcoming auction are a building complex at Aguonų str. worth 5.8 million euros, including VAT, and office buildings at P. Lukšio str. worth 5.4 million euros, including VAT. Both of these objects were being sold during public tender procedures held in December, however, since there was no buyer, the initial price of the complexes was reduced.

According to Julius Belanoška, a representative of Inreal RE company organizing the sale of the two most expensive NT Valdos objects, both complexes have a lot of potential – the buildings are fully leased, have convenient locations and real development opportunities. "The decision to sell the objects at an auction and reduction of their initial price will attract the attention of potential buyers and enable the market to dictate its own price", – says Julius Belanoška.

The auction will also include a building complex at Motorų street in Vilnius worth 5 million euros with VAT, and a complex of administrative and other purpose buildings at the intersection of Smolensko and Panerių streets worth 4.5 million euros, including VAT. There will also be available objects in Klaipėda – real estate at Liepų street sold at a price of 3.9 million euros, including VAT.

Real estate objects belonging to NT Valdos company of Lietuvos Energija Group have been sold in auctions and public tender procedures since 2016. Most of the real estate was realized successfully during this period. The auction that will be held on February 28 will be the 15th such auction.

Lietuvos Energija real estate is sold in accordance with the Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises prepared by the Ministry of Finance, by applying public procurement procedures which enable to sell real estate objects to market participants offering the highest price.

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