INREAL Completed the Real Estate Project on the Seashore


On the 12th of April 2018 INREAL completed reconstruction of the buildings located in the territory at Žaliasis kelias 8, Juodkrantė (Neringa). Buildings dating back to the Soviet Period were turned into a unique complex “Labas, Jūra!” smoothly blending in the natural dune landscape. Residential and holiday apartments up to 280 sq. m area have been furnished on six 2-floor and 3-floor buildings. The Project spans across a total territory of 1.9 ha. Investments to the reconstruction amounted to 8.8 million Euros. It is the eight project completed in the Curonian Spit by INREAL Group already.

“Territorial development in the Curonian Spit is a task involving a high level of responsibility and a major challenge. The most difficult part is implementation of the requirements established by legal regulations, which often are in conflict with each other”, Gediminas Pruskus, CEO of INREAL Group, said.

Before the conversion, the territory hosted abandoned buildings dating back to the Soviet Period: not only they defaced the landscape but they also were a major hazard to people and the environment alike.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Neringa Town Municipality, State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate, Curonian Spit National Park, State Service for Protected Areas and other concerned parties for maintaining a constructive dialogue and cooperation within the course of implementation of this Project based on the principles of sustainable development”, G. Pruskus spoke.

Project Architect: Adomas Šablevičius, UAB “G.A.L. architektai”. He said that the architectural composition of Project “Labas, Jūra!” was inspired by the historical heritage and natural landscape. Most of the ancient villas in the Curonian Spit have typical vertical wooden structural or decorative elements. “The vertical structures of the buildings, their rhythm in the natural dune landscape and the waves of the Sea have become the architectural “key” of the Project. The openwork façades of the buildings are characteristic of several depths: a wooden net on the surface, a deeper layer of glass and blinds, and the third layer includes the visual plan with terraces and balconies”, A. Šablevičius told.

The reconstructed complex has built wooden walkways leading to the Sea, equipped lights, water taps for washing sand off the feet. Community recreational areas and a playground for children have been designed as well.


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